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Batch Rename Files Inside Of El Capitan

Batch Rename Files Inside Of El Capitan

In a forum recently I read about a post facility that was getting image sequences form a client regularly.  They'd always name the individual files 001.png, 002.png, 003.png, etc.  They'd use several different sequences in the same FCPX Event.  This confused FCPX and they'd end up in wrong keyword collections.  The solution was to use a standardized naming convention, but it MUST be applied to the original files in the Finder.

The individual file names were to be constructed in a similar manner as this:
[3 letter production identifier]_[2 digit sequence identifier]_[3 digit image name].  
For example:
ANG_01_001.png, ANG_01_002.png, and so on.  But what if the client doesn't do this for some reason?  This requires batch renaming of all these many individual files, which used to be a royal PITA.

There are many other scenarios where we media production folks need to batch rename files on a drive.

Time was you had to get a 3rd party utility app to do batch file renaming in the Finder, and they had archaic interfaces, believe me.  
Today, El Capitan gives us that feature right in the Finder, super easy and fast to use!

Batch Renaming In OS X 10.11

1- In the Finder elect the group of files to rename. Do this by clicking the first one, then shift-clicking the last one. Or by Command-clicking each file.

2- Right-click one of the highlighted files, and from the pop-up menu select the "Rename Items" option.


3- The "Rename Finder Items" window appears.


4- Select the options necessary, and fill out the text fields as desired.

003 004


5- Click "Rename" and presto, magic!